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Designer / Jeweler

During my studies in Fashion Design and high textile technologies, I fell in love with metalwork in a self-taught way. Once I got my degree and after several internships in the world of jewelry and fashion, I launched my brand in May 2014. Since then, I have been practicing this activity in the heart of the city of Strasbourg.
Architecture and design nourish my work throughout my collections. Inspirations borrowed from art deco, bauhaus and antique jewelry mingle in a minimalist reinterpretation giving pride of place to lines and geometry. I see my jewels as both small portable architectures and contemporary talismans.
All production is made in France and mostly made in my workshop/boutique (13 rue ste Madeleine, Strasbourg). I draw, cut, weld, file, polish and sell my models on site. The gold plating as well as the cast iron prints necessary for certain models are all made in France. I favor short circuits as well as French and artisanal production to offer quality in line with my values. In an eco-responsible approach, I offer a cleaning, polishing and repair service for jewelry purchased in store or on the eshop so that your jewelry can accompany you throughout your life :)



/ After studying fashion design and textile technology, I learned how to work with metal by myself and started my own brand in May 2014. I take inspiration from architecture, Art Deco, Bauhaus and modernists. 
All the production is made in France in my workshop/ boutique. Each piece is cut, soldered and polished there in the traditional jeweler way.

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